10 BBQ Hacks for When You Use Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers gauge temperature by reading thermal radiation from an object. This thermal radiation is termed as black body radiation. These thermometers find a wide range of applications and when a temperature sensitive work like barbecue is considered, their application tends to prove more than helpful. Infrared thermometers can easily narrow down your work with their capabilities. They perform a lot of crucial tasks while you sit back and relax, waiting for that pulled pork to be done. In this article, we will sneak a peek at some ways you can leverage the caliber of infrared thermometers while barbecuing.

1. Read spots

The infrared pointer makes it easy to read temperatures at certain spots on the grill. This is helpful when you need to ensure uniform cooking of your food. In order to avoid reading the temperature of flames, angle the beam to point at the grill.

2. Cast away cross-contamination

Infrared thermometers are capable of reading temperatures from a distance without the need of a physical contact. This avoids contamination of food while cooking.

3. Measure surface temperatures

Sometimes, the temperature is a vital aspect to be considered while barbecuing. Thus, it is essential to keep a record of the surface temperature of the grill. An infrared thermometer is a fitting tool for this task. Hence, you can always keep temperatures of the grill at check.

4. Know when it’s done

Grilling and barbecuing has a lot to do with color of meat. While color provides a lot of information for deduction of cooked food, temperature reading can be handy in providing a much more accurate perspective to meat.

5. Minimize slicing into meat

Temperature reading can reduce your slicing efforts. You do not need to slice into the chicken to know how much it has been cooked when you have access to precise temperature reading with the help of an infrared thermometer.

6. Know where you are going

While cooking, take regular temperature readings to ensure you are moving toward the target you are actually aiming at.

7. Keep flames in check

Poking into your meat can leak juices out of it and juices can significantly sport the flames under the grill when they leak. With infrared thermometers, you do not need to poke into the meat. Coincidently, even the flames can be kept at ideal when using infrared thermometers.

8. Keep juices intact

Coming back to slicing again, it inevitably causes juices to escape from a succulent piece of meat. When you avoid slicing, juices remain intact. Infrared thermometers, thus, also ensure that your food tastes good.

9. Rest assured

Infrared thermometers are blessed with a long life as they do not need to go into the physical activity on the field. They can find a snugly place in your barbecue drawer for as long as the equipment lasts.

10. Utilize the freedom available to you

Enjoying a day out with family and friends wouldn’t be more annoying if you keep on getting back to your barbecue grill, poking a normal thermometer into your food. Infrared thermometers come with a leeway of pointing and reading temperatures. Thus, you can carry on with the fun while keeping an eye on cooking too.

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Hence, infrared thermometers not only measure temperature but can prove very handy when considering these hacks. Go get one if you are a barbecue enthusiast!

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