Best of Irish BBQ Recipes

Ireland is famous for its BBQ dishes all over the world. And for most of the people, weekends is associated with grilling. BBQ with friends and family makes a perfect match. BBQ is nowadays the most preferred, the hottest and the fastest growing way of cooking in the world! So to make your holidays go as your wish, here are some recipes.

1. Spicy lamb cutlets

For this recipe, all you should need is some lamb cutlets, olive oil, and some spices. Apply some olive oil over the cutlets and then coat them with all the mixture of the spices, according to your taste buds. Now BBQ or grill them for 4-5 minutes to cook them well on each side. After grilling them keep them on a plate and serve with chili salsa or even guacamole can be used as a side with it.

2. BBQ chicken kababs

To give up the best flavor to your otherwise boring and normal kababs just make a bacon paste. Cut some bacon pieces and put it into the food processor and blend it till it’s paste and purée. It also gives a smoky flavor. Another ingredient that can be added is the paste of paprika and sugar. And interestingly too, chicken doesn’t take much time to marinate and thus can be prepared easily and quickly.

3. Asian beef skewers

For this take a beef cut into large pieces and spring onions, salt and pepper, chilies, sesame and sunflower oil, lemongrass (if you want) and garlic and ginger. To begin with mix all the ingredients to prepare a marinade and coat the beef well and put it on the grill or BBQ, grilling for 3 minutes each side. Now serve the beef skewers on a plate well garnished with chilies, spring onions and a bit of sesame oil. You can even add some plum sauce with it, which is made from plums and some other fruits.

4. Bacon and shrimp

The best combination on BBQ till now. Cut bacon into small pieces lengthwise and mix some salt, according to taste, red paprika, black pepper, and brown sugar. Now peel off the shrimp carefully with its tail still left on. Collect all the ingredients together near the BBQ and spring the mixture of spices on each shrimp and place it on a strip of bacon in the center and wrap it around the shrimp to cover it well. Put such wraps of bacon and shrimp either on the BBQ or the griller or even in the oven for 12-15 minutes. Once they are cooked well, transfer them to a platter and can even add some kind of dip or sauce.

5. Caramelised pineapple

One of the most amazing dish to prepare in summers. Caramelizing pineapples with brown sugar and cinnamon gives you the best results. Cut pineapples and place them on a pan and whisk together brown sugar, cinnamon and butter and cover the pineapple with such a coat. Now grill them until golden brown or for 8-10 minutes. When done, serve and enjoy!

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